He Had Everything

He had everything (everything he wanted) (yes he had it all), everything that he
dreamed (that he dreamed) (all he dreamed)
He had everything (everything he wanted) (yes he had it all), all he wanted it
seemed (that he wanted) (all it seemed)
But the more he had and the more he learned
There was something not there
To fill the void within him, Oh where – Oh where

Everything he gathered he had made by himself
Or so he always had believed
Self-reliant living always brought him success
Just consider all he had achieved
But the clock was running out on going his way
Placing all his hopes upon his wealth
Sooner than later he would come face to face
No man can live unto himself (unto himself)

Everything he touched it seemed would turn into gold
Or at least it always did appear
As his heart was slowing down and growing so cold
Finding satisfaction no where near
Then his body lost its way, began to shut down
Leaving him with nothing to control
Abruptly showing him with nothing to live for
And now nothing within his soul (in his soul)

(Everything he wanted, that he dreamed)