He Healeth Me O Blessed Truth

He healeth me, O blessed truth,
His mighty Word renews my youth,
By His own power from sickness free,
My precious Savior healeth me.

He healeth me, He healeth me,
By His own Word He healeth me;
His faithful witness I would be,
For by His Word He healeth me.

Sometimes through testing times I go,
Dark seems the way, and full of woe,
But in the furnace though I be,
My great Physician healeth me. [Refrain]

Lord, I would spread this truth abroad,
The mighty power of Thy Word;
It’s just the same, the blind now see,
And demons at Thy presence flee. [Refrain]

For sin and sickness doth depart,
When Thou dost reign within the heart;
And I from all the curse am free,
Since Christ, my Savior, healeth me. [Refrain]