He Keepeth Me In Peace

As I walk in pastures green,
By the crystal waters’ sheen,
Jesus gives me from all sorrow and from care release;
As a shepherd doth his sheep,
He my soul doth ever keep,
While I’m trusting I have perfect peace.

Oh, He keepeth me in perfect peace,
Yes, He keepeth me in perfect peace;
While on Him my mind is stayed,
I can never be afraid,
For He keepeth me in perfect peace.

Dwelling in the secret place,
Where I see my Father’s face,
I have found a heav’nly refuge, and my troubles cease;
In the shadow of His wings,
How my happy spirit sings,
For He keepeth me in perfect peace.

From temptation’s trying hour
He will keep me by His pow’r,
If I meekly all the mandates of His law obey;
Since the blessed Savior came,
In my heart with love aflame,
Peace is reigning all along the way.

As the apple of His eye
He will keep me till I die,
For the One who watches o’er me never falls asleep;

He surrounds me like a wall,
Yes, He is my all in all,
And my soul in perfect peace He’ll keep.