He Made His Own Mountain

On the third day of beginnings as the Father gave command
With all over creation silenced the water gave way to land
It pierced through the waters just as all the other ground
Yet none could have more purpose, no greater will ‘ere be found
While the earth began to settle and He saw that it was good
That Father held His only Son, knowing sure He understood
“This rock of death is part of the journey you must face
Can you withstand the suffering, the pain and the disgrace?”

He made His own mountain, like no other mountain
He saw the exact place where one day He’d die
With love for His Father and trembling spirit
He went to that mountain and gave up His life

Then He looked on His creation for through Him it all was made
There He saw it from a distance where the groundwork had been laid
But when time had reached its fullness and He looked down from the cross
It was then He felt the suffering and the pain of all the lost

So I went to that mountain to see it with my own eyes
The view seen by Jesus, and there I came to realize

I go to that mountain and give Him my life