He Will Call Me By And By

He will call me by and by,
From his holy throne on high,
And my soul must go to meet him,
At the judgment bar to greet him,
There a strict account to give,
And my wages to receive.

When he calls, when he calls,
O be ready when he calls.

I must answer when he calls,
And the dreaded summons falls;
I must make a full confession,
Of my ev’ry soul-transgression;
Will my spirit ready be,
Ready when he calls for me? [Refrain]

All must stand before his throne,
And receive for actions done,
Endless life with endless blessing,
Or the endless death distressing;
What shall then my portion be,
Happiness of misery? [Refrain]

O my soul at once prepare
For the heav’nly mansions fair!
Make a choice of God and heaven;
To the Lord your heart be given;
And you then shall blessed be,
Here and in eternity. [Refrain]