Hes Real To Me My Father God

He’s real to me, my Father God,
I know Him through His precious Word;
He’s real to me, my Shepherd King,
I see Him now in everything.

He’s real to me, He’s real to me,
My Father God is real to me;
My soul demands Reality,
My Father God is real to me.

It’s real to my, my Savior’s blood,
By grace the truth I’ve understood,
It’s pow’r o’er sin and flashy lust
Is now so real I fully trust. [Refrain]

The Spirit’s real, His mighty power
Protects me in temptation’s hour;
In perfect light He guideth me
And makes Himself Reality. [Refrain]

His word is real, O soul rejoice,
It is your blessed Savior’s voice;
It tells you of His constant love
That intercedes for you above. [Refrain]

O soul, He will be real to thee
If thou but claim Reality;
Be real thyself in every part,
Reality will fill thy heart. [Refrain]

His promise is so real to me,
Of His return Reality;
When I shall see His blessed face,
I’ll praise Him for His wondrous grace. [Refrain]