His Gifts Are Greater Than My Dreams

His gifts are greater than my dreams,
The gifts of God to me;
As countless as the sunset’s golden beams,
As boundless as the sea.

His gifts are greater than my dreams,
(His gifts are greater, they are greater than my dreams.)
The gifts of Him who set me free;
And more and more abundant daily seems
The grace of God to me.

I ask a part, He give the whole –
Himself, and all beside;
His loving-kindness overflows my soul,
In-rushing as the tide. [Chorus]

“His ways are ways of pleasantness,
His paths are paths of peace;”
His hand is ever reaching out to bless;
He bids each sorrow cease. [Chorus]

Within my heart He shall have place
To rule and reign supreme;
My voice will ever praise Him for the grace
Of which I ne’er could dream. [Chorus]