His Grace Abundant Is Flowing And Free

His grace abundant is flowing and free,
Praise be to God who revealed it to me!
My soul, enraptured, transfixed at the sight,
Joins with the ransomed, and sings with delight.

Grace so amazing, wondrous and free;
Flowing abundant, flowing for me;
Ever supplying life more and more,
Like the dews of heaven, from God’s own store.

‘Twas grace that bowed my proud heart at His feet,
‘Tis grace that raises me in Him complete;
Grace then shall keep me from turning from God,
And grace shall keep me while trav’ling the road. [Chorus]

‘Tis grace that keeps me apart from the world,
Th’ often near me are Satan’s darts hurled;
Grace is a shield that doth cover the soul,
And keeps me ever in Jesus’ control. [Chorus]