Ho Army Of Endeavors

Ho! Army of Endeavors,
Your strength the times demand;
Redemption waits your conquests,
Obey your Lord’s commands.
Rejoice! for God is with you,
Strike hard the hosts of sin!
March forth with courage ever,
For yours it is to win!

March forth, march forth,
March forth with courage ever;
March forth, march forth,
March forth, march forth,
For yours it is to win.

Ho! Army of Endeavors,
It is your leader’s call.
Go forth into the conflict,
Not one of you shall fall!
Keep all your colors flying,
Make every weapon bright,
Look ever unto Jesus,
And gird you for the fight. [Refrain]

Lift high your royal banner!
The banner of the cross,
With shouts of glad hosannas;
It cannot suffer loss.
O happy, happy soldiers,
Triumphant in your king,
March on with shouts of gladness,
And songs of victory sing! [Refrain]