Ho Come To The Waters So Free

“Ho! come to the waters so free,
Which flow from the life giving Tree!”
A voice I hear calling
In gentle tones falling;
Christ Jesus is calling to me!

“Come ye to the waters!
O, come to the waters,
Pure, life giving, sparkling and free;
Come now to the waters,
All Earth’s sons and daughters,
Still flowing to you, from me!”

He standeth before my door,
He’s calling me o’er and o’er;
Pure water he giveth,
Who drinketh it liveth,
And never can thirst any more! [Chorus]

Those dear hands which bring it to me
Were fastened to Calvary’s tree!
“I’ll heal thy backsliding;”
(Not railing nor chiding;)
He calls me, “Come drink and be free!” [Chorus]

Yes, Master! the water I’ll take,
My sin fevered thirst it will slake;
So pure from the fountain
On Calvary’s mountain,
Where he tasted death for my sake! [Chorus]