Ho Comrades Heavenward Faring

Ho, comrades, heav’nward faring,
Let’s sing in cheerful strain
A song to lighten labor
And soothe the heart of pain.
A song of God’s own gladness,
So full of help and cheer
That weary wayside pilgrims
Will gain new strength to hear.

O sing of heav’n, my comrades,
Where all the good abide-
A song of faith that fails not,
No matter what betide!

O let us sing, my comrades,
Of blessings by the way-
Life’s many gleams of sunlight
That gilds the sky of gray.
And as we sing about them
The shadows break apart,
And all the world’s in sunshine
Because we’re light of heart. [Refrain]

Life holds for most, my comrades,
More happiness than pain.
God gives a day of sunshine
For ev’ry hour of rain.
So, trusting in the wisdom
Of God’s eternal plan,
Let’s make the most of blessings,
And do the best we can. [Refrain]