Ho Every Thirsty Longing Soul

Ho! ev’ry thirsty, longing soul!
Come where the living waters flow;
Come, buy, eat, drink my wine and milk;
Tho’ nothing ye, of worth, can show.
Why do ye spend your cost and toil,
For what cannot content the soul?
Hear Me, and feed on solid good,
Your souls with fatness shall be full.

Incline your ear and come to Me,
Hear, and your soul shall ever live;
I’ll an eternal covenant
And DAVID’s certain mercies give.
Lo! I have HIM a witness giv’n,
For all the people to observe;
A leader and commander made,
That ll the people should HIM serve.

The gentile nations Thou shalt call;
And they shall run to Thee with joy;
The LORD thy God, the HOLY ONE
Of Isr’el, Thee will glorify.
O seek ye for the LORD, while ye
To your great joy may find Him here;
And call upon Him earnestly,
While in his mercy He is near.

Let wicked men, forsake their ways,
Their tho’ts let the unrighteous leave;
And to the LORD let them return;
And mercy on them He will have.
Let them remember He’s our God,
So wondrous for benignity;
O let them then return to Him,
And He’ll forgive abundantly.