Ho Gallant Volunteer Volunteers Quickly

Ho! gallant volunteer,
Quickly arise;
Lo! Satan’s host appear
With battle cries.
Quick! ere the conflict’s lost,
Forth at whatever cost;
Be this thy warrior boast,
Vict’ry is mine.

Marching on, near and far,
Marching on for the war;
Marching on, armies rise,
Marching on for the prize.

Aim well thy weapon’s thrust,
Truth be thy steel;
Let Satan’s minion host
Thy power feel.
Go! valiant soldier, go!
Strike with a deadly blow;
Let ev’ry foeman know
Thy trusty steel. [Refrain]

Then, when the battle’s won,
Ho for the prize!
Then, with God’s only Son,
Thou shalt arise;
Then, when from duty free,
Thou shalt victoriously
With thy great Captain be
In paradise [Refrain]