Ho Ye Hunters Throughout Zion

Ho! ye hunters throughout Zion,
Haste ye to the prey;
Go ye, to the Father’s chosen,
Go while now ye may.
Iniquity has ruined
These children of God,
And scattered with the heathen
Blind, they onward plod.

Ho! ye fishers throughout Zion,
Go ye now and fish;
Over sea and land so bravely,
Search-this is His wish.
In caves of the mountains,
And lands o’er the sea,
Messiah intercedes to
Set His people free.

Go ye, throughout cruel Russia;
And to India’s strand,
Throughout China and through Asia,
Palestine so grand.
Through Egypt and Assyria,
And Afric’s burning sand,
O haste ye and bring them,
Back to their own land.

Go ye, throughout Macedonia,
Heed the outstretched arm,
For the tribes are hastening onward;
Go, there’s naught to harm.
Haste ye to southern climates,
And north through the States;
O haste, for their turning,
Jesus now awaits.

Hebrew children have forsaken
Covenants of their God-
And His eye is ever o’er them;
Hasten-onward trod.
The remnant He now calleth
Of this grand old race,
To trust His Word by faith; and
Come to Him thro’ grace.

Yea, the fig tree now is budding-
Summer draweth nigh,
And the midnight cry is nearing;
To God’s people fly.
Ere long the trumpet soundeth,
Jacob tried will be;
The tribulation over,
Jesus they will see.

Days of grace are swiftly gliding;
Time shall be no more,
When the witness is completed,
To Him you will soar.
Then haste ye to the battle;
His blest Word fulfill-
To Judah take the message-
Whosoever will.

Zion long has been downtrodden
By the Gentile race;
Father promised to restore it
Thro’ the means of grace.
And Abram’s seed will settle
All the land now trod;
O bring them as a present
To the mount of God.