Hold Fast To The Savior He Loves You Sti

Hold fast to the Savior, He loves you still,
Hold fast to the promise He will fulfill;
Hold fast, ever trusting you shall receive,
Hold fast, do not waver, His Word believe.

Hold fast, hold fast,
Hold to the Savior, He’s all in all;
Hold fast, hold fast,
Hold fast to the promise, you’ll never fall.

Hold fast to your covenant made with God,
And trust for the cleansing in Jesus’ blood;
Hold fast for the strength you shall need in life,
He surely will help you amid the strife. [Refrain]

Hold fast, never doubting, withstand the foe,
Put on the whole armor and onward go;
Determined to conquer in Jesus’ might,
Ne’er run from a battle, but face the fight. [Refrain]

Hold fast for that beautiful land in view,
Hold fast for the crown that’s awaiting you;
Hold fast for the meeting of loved ones there,
Hold fast for the bliss they have gone to share. [Refrain]