Hosanna We Sing Like The Children Dear

Hosanna we sing, like the children dear,
In the olden days when the Lord lived here,
He bless’d little children, and smiled on them,
While they chanted His praise in Jerusalem.
Hallelujah we sing like the children bright,
With their harps of gold and their raiment white,
As they follow their Shepherd with loving eyes
Through the beautiful valleys of Paradise.

Hosanna we sing, for He bends His ear,
And rejoices the hymns of His own to hear;
We know that His heart will never wax cold
To the lambs that He feeds in His earthly fold.
Hallelujah we sing in the church we love,
Hallelujah resounds in the church above;
To Thy little ones, Lord, may such grace be given,
That we lose not our part in the song of heaven.