House Of Our God With Cheerful Anthems

House of our God, with cheerful anthems ring,
While all our lips and hearts His mercies sing;
The fruitful year His bounties shall proclaim,
And all its days be vocal with His name.
The Lord is good, His mercy never-ending,
His blessings in perpetual showers descending.

The earth, enlightened by His rays divine,
Brought forth the grass, the corn, and oil, and wine;
Crowned with His goodness, let the people meet,
And lay their thankful offerings at his feet;
With grateful love that hand divine confessing,
Which on each heart bestoweth every blessing.

His mercy never ends; the dawn, the shade,
Still see new beauties through new scenes displayed;
Succeeding ages bless this sure abode,
And children lean upon their fathers’ God:
The soul of man, through its immense duration,
Drinks from this source immortal consolation.

Burst into praise, my soul! all nature, join!
Angels and men, in harmony combine!
While human years are measured by the sun,
And while eternity its course shall run,
His goodness, in perpetual showers descending,
Exalt in songs and raptures never-ending!