How Amiable Lord Of Hosts How Pleasant

How amiable, Lord of Hosts,
How pleasant is the place,
Where thou, on earth, art wont to show
The glories of thy face?
My soul doth long, yea, faint to see
Jehovah’s chosen seat;
My heart, and flesh, spring up for joy,
The living God to meet.

The birds, near to thine altars, build
Their nests, for their abode;
There hatch their young; O Lord of Hosts,
My Sovereign, and my God.
O happy men, who in thy house
Abide; still they’ll thee praise:
Whose strength’s in thee, and hearts are bent
To travel Sion’s ways.

Who, passing Baca’s thirsty vale,
Provide themselves with wells,
And cisterns; which the rain from heaven,
For their refreshment, fills.
Strengthened they go, till they, with God,
In Sion’s mount appear.
Lord, God of Hosts, my prayer regard,
O Jacob’s God give ear.

Second Part

O God, who art our only shield,
Look graciously on me;
And, with thy wanted smiles, the face
Of thine anointed see.
For in thy sacred courts, a Day,
A thousand does excel;
My God’s house doors I’d rather keep,
In wicked tents, than dwell,

Jehovah is our sun, and shield,
Will grace, and glory, give;
And, no good thing, will he deny,
Those who uprightly live,
O thou, the sovereign Lord of all
The Hosts in heaven, earth, sea;
That man is truly blessed, who puts
His trust alone in thee.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,