How Amiable Lord Of Hosts Thy Tab Be

How amiable, Lord of hosts,
Thy tabernacles be!
My soul longs for Jehovah’s courts,
Yea, it ev’n faints in me.
Unto the strong and living God,
My heart and flesh doth shout.
Yea, sparrow finds an house, her nest
The swallow too finds out.

Wherein she may her young ones lay,
thine altars near unto.
O thou that art of armies Lord,
My king, my God also.
O blest are they within thy house
Who dwell, still they’ll thee praise?
Blest is the man whose strength’s in thee,
In whose heart are the ways.

The passengers in Baca’s vale,
A fountain do it make;
Also the pools that are therein,
Their fill of rain do take.
From strength to strength they go to God,
In Sion all appear.
Lord God of hosts, O hear my prayer,
O Jacob’s God give ear.


Behold, O God our shield, the face
Of thine anointed see:
For better’s in thy courts a day,
Than elsewhere thousands be:
I’d rather a door keeper be
In the house of my God,
Than in the tents of wickedness
To settle mine abode.

Because the Lord God is a sun,
He is a shield also:
Jehovah on his people grace
And glory will bestow.
No good thing will he hold from them
That do walk uprightly.
O Lord of hosts the man is blest
That puts his trust in thee.