How Are Thy Glories Here Displayed

How are thy glories here displayed!
Great God, how bright they shine,
While at thy word we break the bread,
And pour the flowing wine!

Here thy revenging justice stands,
And pleads its dreadful cause;
Here saving mercy spreads her hands,
Like Jesus on the cross.

Thy saints attend with every grace
On this great sacrifice;
And love appears with cheerful face,
And faith with fixed eyes.

Our hope in waiting posture sits,
To heav’n directs her sight;
Here every warmer passion meets,
And warmer powers unite.

Zeal and revenge perform their part,
And rising sin destroy;
Repentance comes with aching heart,
Yet not forbids the joy.

Dear Savior, change our faith to sight;
Let sin for ever die;
Then shall our souls be all delight,
And every tear be dry.