How Beautiful His Feet Appear

How beautiful His feet appear
High on the mountain tops, who brings
Glad tidings of salvation near,
Salvation from the King of kings!

Who publishes the joyful sound,
Proclaims a peace ‘twixt earth and Heaven,
A ransom for the sinner found,
God reconciled, and man forgiven.

That says to Israel’s mournful race,
“Awake, arise, shake off thy chains”;
Believe the word of Gospel grace,
Thy God, thy great Redeemer reigns.

Thy watchmen shall the voice lift up,
Shall sing with gladsome melody,
Object of all their joy and hope,
When eye to eye their Lord they see.

Him, eye to eye, shall they behold,
Shall shout to see the Savior come,
To save a world redeemed of old,
To bring the weary captives home.

Break forth in joy, your gladness sing,
Employ your all for Christ, your king;
Rejoice, and Him Messiah claim:
Bestowing praise, live in His name.

For Christ the Lord doth comfort man,
Erases sin with mighty hand:
To Heav’n we rise from from Adam’s fall:
His life He gave to ransom all.

His arm He bared, in mercy, grace,
Prepared a pardon for our race;
His merit, shown to all men’s sight,
We may inherit as our right.

The Gentiles hear the saving call:
His grace appears and visits all;
A common ransom doth belong
To every nation, tribe and, tongue.