How Blessed Is This Place O Lord

How blessed is this place, O Lord,
Where Thou art worshiped and adored;
Our faith would here an altar raise
Unto Thy glory, God of praise!

Here let Thy sacred fire of old
Descend to kindle spirits cold;
And may our prayers, when here we bend,
Like incense sweet to Thee ascend.

Here let the weary one find rest,
The aching heart a comfort blest,
The guilty soul a sure retreat,
The sinner pardon at Thy feet.

Here gather us around Thy board
To keep the feast with Thee, dear Lord,
And when in faith our souls draw near,
May we discern Thy presence here.

And when these earthly Sabbaths cease,
O may our souls depart in peace,
Around Thy glorious throne to meet,
And find it, Lord, a mercy-seat!