How Blest Are They Who Always Strive

How bless’d are they who always strive,
To keep their souls to God alive!
Who keep their minds with God arrang’d,
And live to ev’ry vice astrang’d.

They war with Satan, world and flesh,
And e’er renew their strength afresh;
They honour God in all they do,
And always good examples shew.

Altho’ they bear reproach and blame,
They glorify their Saviour’s name;
They treat their enemies with love,
Which is their method to reprove.

Whate’er their state of life may be,
They keep their hearts from envy free;
From all revenge they will abstain,
To shame the ignorance of men.

This makes their state of mind complete,
When they with patience can submit!
To all the precepts of the Lord,
His ordinance and blessed word.