How Blest Are They Who Love The Lord

How bless’d are they who love the Lord
And seek his will to do;
they have his promise and his word,
That he will love them too.

The Holy Spirit shall reveal
The gracious will of God–
And thus their hearts shall know and feel
The worth of Jesus’ blood.

That which the world cannot receive,
The peace of God within;
Is the reward to all who b’lieve
And strive to conquer sin.

The Holy Ghost, with heav’nly grace,
And blessings from above:
Will make such hearts his dwelling place
And fill the soul with love.

He will for ever there abide,
To all their wants attend;
To be their counsel and their guide,
Their safe guard and their friend.

O happy, where such grace divine,
Can have its real abode;
O may such treasurs too be mine:
Those precious gifts of God.