How Blest Are They Who Take Delight

How bless’d are they who take delight
To visit Christ the Lord!
As Nicodemus came by night,
To hear the gospel word.

The Lord will open to their view,
The things of greatest worth–
That which before they never knew:
The new and heav’nly birth.

Christ solemnly declares ’tis true,
This truth will e’er remain;
God’s kingdom ye can never view,
Till ye are born again!

Indeed ye must be thus renew’d?
And feel this change within:
Or ne’er become the son’s of God,
And live and die in sin.

This works a change upon the mind,
And fills the soul with love!
And thus the seeking soul shall find:
This work is from above.

The water and the spirit are
The means which Christ directs;
And as the Saviour doth declare:
These must have their effects.

But how this gracious work is wrought,
Is more than man can know!
And far beyond the reach of thought,
What heav’nly grace can do.

The spirit worketh as he please;
And they who will submit,
Shall find that God’s appointed ways
Will make the work complete.