How Bright The Hope That Calvary Brings

How bright the Hope that Calv’ry brings,
Where Love divine with Mercy blends;
How full the joy that all may find,
Where flows the Blood can save and cleanse.

I am glad there is cleansing in the Blood,
I am glad there is cleansing in the Blood,
Tell the world, all the world,
There is cleansing in the Saviour’s Blood.

‘Tis there! ’tis there the soul may go,
And wash its sins and stains away;
Who gives up all,-who comes by Faith,
This cleansing finds without delay. [Refrain]

Speak, speak to Zion’s burdened ones,
Lead, lead them up to Calv’ry’s Mount;
The want of aching hearts is met,
‘Tis cleaning in Redemption’s Fount. [Refrain]

Why need we struggle on in self,
We cannot make one black spot white;
‘Tis Christ’s own Blood, and that alone
Can change and cleanse the heart aright. [Refrain]

I come! I come! and glad I am
That Jesus calls the lost and vile;
There thousands have a cleansing found,
I’ll heed the Saviour’s welcome smile. [Refrain]