How Calmly The Evening Once More Is Desc

How calmly the evening once more is descending,
As kind as a promise, as still as a pray’r;
O wing of the Lord, in Thy shelter befriending,
May we and our households continue to share.

The sky, like the kingdom of heaven, is open;
O enter, my soul, at the glorious gates;
The silence and smile of His love are the token,
Who now for all comers invitingly waits.

We come to be soothed with His merciful healing,
The dews of the night cure the wounds of the day;
We come, our life’s worth and its brevity feeling,
With thanks for the past, for the future we pray.

Lord, save us from folly; be with us in sorrow;
Sustain us in work till the time of our rest;
When earth’s day is over, may heaven’s tomorrow
Dawn on us, of homes long expected possessed.