How Can We Fail If The Savior Upholds Us

How can we fall if the Saviour uphold us?
How can we fail if his banner we see?
Where is the faith that must arm for the conquest
All that for Jesus true soldiers would be?

On life the armies that have conquered before us,
Leaving their footprints, we follow their track;
On with a courage that cannot be shaken,
Press our way forward, and never go back.

How can we fall when the Saviour is leading
Steadily forth thro’ the warfare of life?
How can we doubt when his arm has defeated
Many a foeman of peril and strife? [Refrain]

How can we fall tho’ our foes may surround us?
What tho’ a legion against us may rise!
He is at hand who will surely defend us;
Truth and its forces they cannot surprise. [Refrain]

On, for the day of rejoicing draws nearer,
Soon the bright standard of triumph shall wave;
On, till the storm of the battle is over,
Look unto Jesus, the Mighty to Save. [Refrain]