How Could I Hope To Cross Lifes Plain

How could I hope to cross life’s plain
Without a grief or care?
Then help me suffer, nor complain,
However I may fare.

I can but cling, my Lord, to thee,
Tho’ waves of trouble roll;
While crossing o’er life’s raging sea,
Preserve my helpless soul.

How could I walk the path he trod
And not be tempted, too?
I’ll walk the way that leads to God,
My courage he’ll renew. [Refrain]

Must I suppose no clouds will rise
To shade my mortal sky?
For grace to trust, my spirit cries,
Until the shadows fly. [Refrain]

I could not do for Christ, my Lord,
What he has done for me;
But I can suffer for his sake,
And bear it patiently. [Refrain]

Help me believe and trust thee more
For strength and victory;
I view thy blessings o’er and o’er,
And can but happy be. [Refrain]