How Deep Was That Which Christ Sustained

How deep was that which Christ sustain’d,
When in his Soul and Body pain’d,
He sigh’d and wept, and roared;
From many wounds a second Flood
Springs forth, which drowns the World in Blood!
By which we are assured,
His Pain’s
Our Gain;
For he died
Greatly tried,
As our Folly;
Our Offence there ceases wholly.

From Sin and Sinner’s Curse he rose
Triumphant over all his Foes,
And thus restor’d our Nature;
And in that Nature every Child
To Godhead fully reconcil’d,
Receive’d their Father’s Feature:
In his Likeness
Are his Brightness;
Each begotten
Bears his Image who begot him.

Now, through the Saviour’s Blood, we prove
The Father’s Heart and Nature Love,
And all our Warfare finish’d;
Nor Good, nor Bad, as wrought by Man,
Availeth here; nor is this Plan
Added to or diminish’d:
Our Bliss
Is This:
Jesus lives us
Freely gives us
(True the Story)
All his Sonship, Fruits and Glory.