How Dreadful Is The Place Where God

How dreadful is the place
Where God appoints to meet
Sinners that humbly seek His face,
And tremble at His feet.
Where to th’assembled crowd
His promised grace is given:
This is the solemn house of God,
This is the gate of Heaven!

His ordinance divine
He now vouchsafes to own,
Blessings herein and duties join,
And God and Man is One:
The sacramental rite
Which Jesus’ love commands
Heaven and earth by faith t’unite
Like Jacob’s ladder stands.

On this mysterious tree
Where our Redeemer hung,
Descending and ascending see
The bright angelic throng!
They fill the hallowed place
While we His death record,
And lost in silent wonder gaze
At our expiring Lord.

By Jesus’ cross sustained
Our souls to Heaven aspire,
Blessings by Jesus’ cross descend
And raise our raptures higher.
The ministers of grace
Swift to our succor move,
Our guardians fill the middle space
And God appears above!

He calls us to the skies,
And lo! we spurn the ground,
Light on the sacred ladder rise,
And gain the topmost round;
Of everlasting life
The glorious pledge is given,
Another step shall end the strife,
And lodge us all in Heaven!