How Drear Is The Wilderness Way

How sad is the wilderness way!
How many the dangers we meet!
Our hopes and our pleasure decay,
And lie in the dust at our feet;
Yet one joyous promise remains
To cheer our faint hearts in the gloom:
When ended life’s sorrows and pains,
The angels will welcome us home.

How often we’re summoned to part
With some cherished friend that we love!
While grief sits supreme in the heart,
What peace cometh down from above!
They never will smile on us more
While thro’ the bleak desert we roam,
Yet safe on the evergreen shore,
The angels will welcome us home.

‘Tis only a little way o’er,
This wearisome pilgrimage ends;
There its trials and labors are gone,
The sun in our heaven descends,
And sweet is the promise of rest,
And sweet is the meeting to come,
For soon in the realms of the blest
The angels will welcome us home.