How Fragrant Like Sweet Heaven That Home

How fragrant, like sweet heaven, that home where Christ is Lord,
Where fathers love His Gospel and sons feed on His Word,
Where mothers pour His mercy on daughters of His love,
Where waves of His compassion bring joy where’er they move.

How beautiful their union; how God-like, how serene;
How like that Triune Oneness who reigns in Heav’n, unseen.
How like that God Incarnate-Of God and Man the Son,
How wondrous this affection: the many live as one.

One flesh, one heart, one spirit, one bone, one blood, one soul;
One covenantal promise to keep while ages roll;
One blended life that gives life to children clothed with prayer,
One mighty rock, one shelter from every storm and care.

Come, feast of Heaven’s table; come taste of rich delight!
Come revel and come ravish with pleasures passing sight!
Come radiant, holy Splendor, knit all our hearts in one:
Come mirror here Your glories, Great Father, Spirit, Son!