How Glad We Are To Be Alive

How glad we are to be alive
to sing your praise today,
and thank you, God, for gifts of grace
we never can repay:
our lives begun in parents’ love
and nurtured in their care,
creative minds inclined to learn,
and hearts to dream and dare.

By grace we came to study here
where doors were opened wide
by wise and caring teachers who
became both friend and guide.
We learned to think, reflect, and act,
to differ and concur,
explored new worlds within, without,
discovered who we were.

Your gifts of grace have blessed us all!
How great a debt we owe
to you, our God, for granting us
a chance to learn and grow,
and, as we’ve gone forth in the world,
providing us the means,
and giving us the courage to
pursue our lifelong dreams.

Could joyful songs our gratitude
and praise alone declare,
from dawn to dusk we’d harmonize
on alleluia airs!
Yet from your prophets we have learned
you ask for more than song;
you call for justice, peace, and love
where there is hurt and wrong.

Most merciful and gracious God,
we promise you today
we’ll try to give back what we owe
by walking in your way,
by being kind to those in need,
and helping those who fall,
by seeking justice for the poor,
and peace for one and all.