How Gladly I My Place Have Taken

How gladly I my place have taken
Among the flock of God’s elect!
With them I have the world forsaken
And Jesus’ coming now expect.
Redeemed by His unbounded love,
My home will be with Christ above.

How sweet the words, how reassuring,
That I to God am reconciled!
His pardon for my sins securing,
My soul no longer is defiled.
The peace of God I now possess,
Which ev’ry evil can redress.

I bid the wicked world defiance,
Tho’ fiercely it God’s Word deride;
In Him I place my firm reliance
Whose promise ever shall abide;
Tho’ earth and heaven pass away,
His Word shall ever be my stay.

How gladly I His promise ponder!
Tho’ sinful, yet in grace I stand;
A heritage awaits me yonder,
And heaven is my fatherland.
My Lord, as Victor in the strife,
Awards to me the crown of life.

How good to hear my Savior calling,
To see Him even face to face!
What bliss, before Him prostrate falling,
To find with Him a resting place
And with the saints in sweet accord,
To sing the praise of Christ, my Lord!