How Glorious The Morn When The Savior Di

How glorious the morn when the Saviour divine,
Shall come in His hav’nly adorning,
The trumpet shall sound and the dead shall arise,
In the great resurrection morning;
From the east to the west, the north and the south,
His own will be then ascending,
Away from the world, from its pain and tears,
Their songs with redeemed ones blending.

Unto Him who hath redeemed us,
And washed us in His blood,
To Him be glory and dominion,
Both now and evermore,
To Him be glory and dominion,
Both now and evermore.

The ransomed shall stand, golden crowns on their heads,
And praise Him with great adoration,
Who came to redeem by His own precious blood,
And brought us through great tribulation;
Salvation to God, both wisdom and pow’r,
Through heav’n’s highest arches ringing,
We’ll join in the song ’round the great white throne,
With loud alleluias ringing. [Refrain]

The prophets and martyrs and angels of God
Shall mingle in one great oblation,
Our parents and children will all there unite
With saints from all kindred and nations;
To join in the song we’ve cherished so long,
While here to His Word we’re clinging,
When home with our Lord ‘mid the great white throng,
The new song for aye be singing. [Refrain]