How Good And Pleasant Must It Be

How good and pleasant must it be
To thank the LORD most high;
And with repeated Hymns of Praise,
His Name to magnify:
With ev’ry Morning’s early Dawn,
His Goodness to relate;
And of his constant Truth, each Night
The glad Effects repeat.

To ten string’d Instruments we’ll sing,
With tuneful Psalt’ries join’d,
And to the Harp, with solemn Sounds,
For sacred Use design’d:
For through thy wond’rous Works, O Lord,
Thou mak’st my Heart rejoice;
The Thoughts of them shall make me glad,
And shout with chearful Voice.

How wond’rous are thy Works, O LORD!
How deep are thy Decrees!
Whose winding Tracks, in Cecret laid,
No stupid Sinner sees:
He little thinks, when wicked Men,
Like Grass, look fresh and gay;
How soon their short liv’d Splendor must,
For ever pass away.

But thou, my GOD, art still most high;
And all thy lofty Foes,
Who thought they might securely sin,
Shall be o’erwhelm’d with Woes:
Whilst thou exalt’st my Sov’reign Pow’r,
And mak’st it largely spread;
And with refreshing Oil anoint’st
My consecrated Head.

I soon shall see my stubborn Foes
To utter Ruin brought;
And hear the dismal End of those
Who have against me fought:
But righteous Men, like fruitful Palms,
Shall make a glorious Show;
As Cedars that on Lebanon
In stately Order grow.

These planted in the House of GOD,
Within his Courts shall thrive;
Their Vigour and their Lustre both
Shall in old Age revive.
Thus will the LORD his Justice shew;
And GOD, my strong Defence,
Shall due Rewards to all the World
Impartially dispense.