How Good It Is Lord To Sing Your Praises

How good it is, Lord, to sing Your praises;
Pleasant and fitting to praise Your name.
Daily Your people learn of Your goodness;
You help the downcast, healing their pain.

You count the stars and call each by name.
Lord, You are great; Your pow’r I declare.
Your understanding cannot be measured;
You keep the humble safe in Your care.

I sing Your praises with much thanksgiving.
Hear now my music; my heart is stirred.
You send the rain and then make the grass grow.
You feed the cattle and the young birds.

Lord, You delight in all those who reverence You,
All those who trust Your love and Your deeds.
I will extol You for all Your blessings;
You give me peace and meet all my needs.

You send commands throughout all the earth;
Your word runs swiftly, touching all things.
You spread the snow and scatter the hoarfrost,
Hurl down Your hail, then melt all in spring.

You have revealed Your laws to Your people,
Telling us Your commands through Your Word.
We are so blessed to have Your instructions;
Alleluia! Praise the Lord!