How Grandly The Returning Spring

How grandly the returning spring
Tints mountain, vale and slope;
What days the merry songsters bring
Of beauty, life and hope!
Like growing Crescent in the West
That fills an Eastern moon,
So budding spring shall wear the crest
Of many colored June.

Sing cheerily children
In glorious chorus,
You will then instill men,
You will then instill men,
With praising and raising their hearts in an Amen,
With praising, and raising their hearts in an Amen.

The open landscape, bare and drear,
Makes winter sad and long;
But when the birds and flow’rs appear,
Our plaint gives way to song.
“The winter of our discontent”
Is often hard to bear,
But spring reveals divine intent
To soothe away our care. [Refrain]

May childhood in the spring of life
Learn good without alloy,
May charity in all be rife
And ripen into joy.
May those who sing in happy youth
From fullness of the heart,
Grow into knowledge of the truth
And never from it part. [Refrain]