How Great Is The Love Of My Savior

How great is the love of my Saviour
Who bore all my guilt on the tree;
And compassed sin’s judgments forever,
And bade me believe and be free!

The mercy of God is behind me;
His glory is shining before;
I stand on the blest Rock of Ages,
I am safe in His grace evermore.

I know in the ages before me
The weight of His glory I’ll bear,
And dwell in the light of His presence
In the place He has gone to prepare. [Refrain]

He took me from sands ever sinking,
And lifted me up with His arm;
He placed my feet firm and unchanging
On Him where I stand safe from harm. [Refrain]

What power can alter His purpose?
What creature can separate me
From the love of my God who now saves me?
For the flood-gates of grace are set free. [Refrain]