How Great The Bliss To Be A Sheep Of Jes

How great the bliss to be a sheep of Jesus,
and to be guided by his shepherd-staff!
Earth’s greatest honors, howsoe’er they please us,
compared to this are vain and empty chaff.
Yea, what this world can never give,
may, through the Shepherd’s grace, each needy sheep receive.

Here is a pasture, rich and never failing,
here living waters in abundance flow;
none can conceive the grace with them prevailing,
who Jesus’ shepherd-voice obey and know.
He banishes all fear and strife,
and leads them gently on to everlasting life.

Whoe’er would spend his days in lasting pleasure
must come to Christ and join his flock with speed;
here is a feast prepared, rich beyond measure,
the world meanwhile on empty husks must feed.
Those souls may share in ev’ry good
whose Shepherd does possess the treasuries of God.