How Great Was That Love

How great was that love,
That brought Christ from above,
And nail’d him to that shameful tree;
What not I alone,
But my species are known
To be all drest in arms against thee.

How Satan doth rage,
And most fiercely engage;
Out of prison he comes forth to reign;
Will you serve a base slave,
Whose bounty’s the grave,
And whose wages must be endless pain?

Come friends don’t delay,
For lo! now is your day,
Let reason all doubtings decide;
Come let conscience speak,
It is right we should seek,
And should love him who made and provides.

Yea more, vastly more,
I have treasur’d in store,
Which affection would urge me to speak;
Shall God the Most High,
Become human and die,
And we never his favor once seek.

But if you refuse,
This bless’d lover who sues,
And reject all the offers he brings;
Then his wrathful ire,
It will burn you like fire,
For Christ will be known as your king.

Yes Christ is my king,
‘Twas himself that did bring,
My soul out of darkness to light;
He form’d me again,
With himself I shall reign,
And overcome death through his might.

Come saints we will sing,
Unto Christ who did bring
Salvation from heav’n to earth;
It was publish’d above
In the regions of love,
And was sung at Immanuel’s birth.

Divine Hymns of Spiritual Songs,