How Happy Every Child Of Grace The Soul

How happy every child of grace,
The soul that’s filled with joy and peace,
That bears the fruits of righteousness,
And kept by Jesu’s power,
Their trespasses are all forgiven,
They antedate the joys of heaven:
In rapturous lays
Shout the praise
Of Jesu’s grace,
To a lost race
Of sinners, brought to happiness
Through the atoning blood of Jesus.

Satan may tempt, and hell may rage,
And all the powers of earth besiege;
Their united strength at once engage
To pluck a soul from Jesus:
The faithful soul laughs them to scorn,
He’s heaven-bound, he’s heaven-born,
He’ll watch and pray,
Night and day,
Fight his way,
Win the day,
And all his enemies dismay,
Through the mighty name of Jesus.

O monster, Death, thy sting is drawn,
O, boasting Grave, the trophies won;
The saint triumphs through grace alone,
To praise the name of Jesus.
At length he bids the world adieu,
With all its vanity and show–
The soul it flies,
Through the skies,
To Paradise,
And joins its voice,
In rapturous lays of love to praise
The glorious name of Jesus.

When Gabriel’s awful trump shall sound,
And red the rocks, convulse the ground,
And swears that time is at an end,
Ye dead arise to judgment.
See lightnings flash and thunders roll,
The earth wrapped like a parchment scroll:
Comets blaze,
Singers raise,
Dread amaze,
And horrors seize
The guilty sons of Adam’s race,
Unsaved from sin by Jesus.

The christian, filled with rapturous joy,
Midst flaming worlds he mounts on high,
To meet his Savior in the sky,
And see the face of Jesus.
Then soul and body reunite,
And filled with glory infinite:
Blessed day,
Christians say,
Will you pray,
That we may
All join that happy company,
To praise the name of Jesus.

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