How Happy The Children Who Trust In The

How happy the children who trust in the Lord,
Receiving with meekness the truth of his Word;
Who tell of a Savior wherever they go,
And try to bring others his goodness to know.

Their path will grow brighter, their hearts will grow lighter,
As onward they journey along;
The Lord will be with them, His grace he will give them,
And fill them with rapture and song.

How happy the children who honor his laws,
Who live for his glory and work for his cause;
His hand will protect them what ever betide,
The lamp of his mercy their footsteps will guide. [Refrain]

How happy the children who dwell in his love,
And follow the wisdom that comes from above;
To them is the promise when labor is o’er,
Of treasures unfading and life evermore. [Refrain]