How Happy The Meeting In Heaven Will Be

How happy the meeting in heaven will be
When, wondrously saved by grace!
The Savior who died for my sins I shall see,
And look on his loving face!

I want to be daily prepared for the end,
With heaven, my home, in full view;
I want to meet Jesus and all my dear friends;
My brother, do you? do you?

My soul has been longing my Savior to meet,
His presence and joy to share,
My happy companions with raptures to greet,
Awaiting me over there. [Refrain]

O glorious city of beauty and light,
With mansions so bright and fair!
My spirit thro’ Jesus made spotlessly white,
I’m coming to dwell up there. [Refrain]

If you are not ready to enter the door
That opens to yon fair home,
O linger unpardoned and Godless no more!
Repentant to Jesus come. [Refrain]