How I Came To Love These Pilgrims

How I came to love these pilgrims,
Is to me a great surprise;
And the way the Lord has led me,
Is a wonder in my eyes;
No, I never thought I’d be one,
But I’m happy now to say,
That, although I used to hate them,
I am one of them today!

I feel constrained to say,
I love this narrow way;
O glory, hallelujah,
I am one of them today.

Well I knew the world despised them,
So I said ‘twould never do;
I would lose my reputation
If I join that noisy crew;
But I heard in Sinai’s thunder
“You must surely go that way;”
I am not ashamed to own it,
I am one of them today. [Refrain]

Oft I sneered when they were telling
That they felt no foe within,
That the grace of their Redeemer
Daily kept them free from sin;
But conviction seized my spirit,
Took my hatred all away;
I have found this great salvation,
And I’m one of them today. [Refrain]

It so shocked me that I could not
All my indignation hide,
When they said that God’s old Bible
Never would endorse my pride;-
Though high-headed, proud and haughty,
Yet I heard the Spirit say,
“Will you be a humble pilgrim?’
And I’m one of them today. [Refrain]

Once I thought that their demonstrations
Were entirely out of place;
That I never would consent to
Bring upon me such disgrace;
So I asked the Lord to bless me
In a mild and careful way,-
I broke through and got the glory,
And I’m one of them today. [Refrain]

I’m so glad I ever found them,
For they’ve led me to the right;
And I mean to stay among them,
Daily walking in the light;
Then some day I’ll join their number
Over on the golden shore;
It is settled, hallelujah!
I’m a pilgrim evermore. [Refrain]