How The Wind In Fury Blind

How the wind in fury blind
Sets the sea a-going!
Where, then, can we shelter find
While the gale is blowing?
One there is who in the night
Well doth guard us by His might:
Christ, come to be
With us upon the sea!

How the star-lit sky grows black,
And the clouds are flying!
If the ship’s frail rudder crack,
Who will hear our cries,–
See the Day-star in the skies!
Christ, deign to be
With us upon the sea!

When the storm has ceased to blow,
And the stars are glowing,
Through the waves we safely row,
Praise on Him bestowing.
Him we laud with heart and voice,
Yea, in Him we e’er rejoice.
Hail, Christ, to Thee,
Thou Sovereign of the sea!