How Vast Is The Tribute I Owe

How vast is the tribute I owe
Of gratitude, homage, and praise
To the giver of all I possess,
The life and the length of my days!

When the sorrows I boded were come,
I pour’d out my sighs and my tears;
And to him, who alone can relieve,
My soul breath’d her vows and her pray’rs.

When my heart throbb’d with pain and alarm,
When paleness my cheek overspread,
When sickness pervaded my frame;–
Then my soul on my Maker was staid.

When death’s awful image was nigh,
And no mortal was able to save;
Thou didst brighten the valley of death,
And illumine the gloom of the grave.

In mercy thy presence dispels
the shades of calamity’s night,
And turns the sad scene of despair
to a morning of joy and delight.

Great source of my comforts restor’d!
Thou healer and balm of my woes!
Thou hope an desire of my soul!
On thy mercy I’ll ever repose.

How boundless the gratitude due
To thee, O thou God of my praise!
The fountain of all I possess,
The life and the light of my days!