Humbly Now With Deep Contrition

Humbly now, with deep contrition,
We Thy mercy, Lord, entreat,
Now, as mourning, weeping, kneeling,
WE bow down before Thy feet;
Father, in the day of anguish,
And of darkness, and of shame,
Cling we to that precious promise
Make to us in Jesus name.

For His sake, our great Redeemer,
Thro’ His death of wondrous love,
Dare we to approach the footstool
Of Thy mighty throne above;
Aye, thro’ Him who bore the sorrow,
Bore in want, in woe, and strife,
This same weight of human weakness,
This same weary human life.

Thro’ His Name, and by His merits,
Whom we worship and adore,
For His blessed sake, we pray Thee,
Hear us, spare us evermore.
By His hour of mortal weakness,
Give Thine erring children strength,
That they bear the burden bravely,
That they win the crown at length.