Humbly O Lord I Wait Beside

Humbly, O Lord, I wait,
Beside thy throne,
No treasure rich or great,
I call my own.
But all I am is thine,
Bought by thy love divine,
Take thou this heart of mine,
My Lord and King.

With empty hands I come,
No gifts I bring
To thee, thou Holy One,
My gracious King;
But in thy loving eyes,
Each scar and sacrifice
Before thy throne will rise
And plead for me.

Cold is the world to me,
And dark, dear Lord,
Without thy mercy free,
Thy Holy word,
On which to lean and rest,
When weary and oppressed,
O Friend of all the best,
To thee I come.

No other friend I know,
No friend like thee,
Whose healing love doth flow,
So full and free;
That every sorrow dies,
And weary aching eyes,
With joy and glad surprise,
Their weeping cease.